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Binance Logo

I now have my very first issue with binance. I tried withdrawing and when I was about to finish the whole process, it prompted an error saying that I don't have enough funds. This is very weird error because I …

23 March
Viking River Cruises Logo

My husband had a major medical emergency when we were vacationing with Viking River Cruises and as a result we were not able to finish the trip. We did not board the boat again and we were just working with our…

19 March
Forever 21 Logo

I am so mad at the way I was treated by one of the manager's that picked up the phone when I had called up Forever 21 the other day. I was in the middle of asking an important question with regard to my Forever…

16 March
General Motors Logo

I cannot believe that the people at General Motors would take so long in fixing my car. Imagine, I had to wait for one of their workers to come back and finish working my car because he was on lunch break. They…

13 March
Monitronics Logo

I still have not gotten the full installation that I was supposed to get for added security equipment for my home from Monitronics. It has been so bad that I do not know what to do anymore. You seem my house ha…

21 February
Belk Logo

I am annoyed at what happened to me at Belk the other day as the cashier kept on cutting me off before I could finish my sentence. I was just trying to tell her that I had gift certificate for ten bucks that I …

19 February
Cryptopia Logo

Today I had a very bad experience with cryptopia. They are doing some maintenance to their SPANK wallet system. When I went to deposit, cryptopia didn't show me any warning about that. I have a huge amount wort…

19 February
Regions Financial Corporation Logo

I cannot believe how rude and unprofessional the manager at Regions Financial Corporation was towards my case. It seems as if he does not care about anything at all. He literally made me wait for him to finish …

06 February
Grand Canyon University Logo

I decided to get my Grand Canyon University dcotorate degree after finishing my masters with them. I now really feel like this has been the worst decision I have made with Grand Canyon University, the review te…

29 January
La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop Logo

Finally got the chance to visit this place after seeing many articles marking it an absolutely great place! I like mexican food and could eat a burrito on a regular basis. This place did not disappoint on flavo…

24 January


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